• Hourly Rates for Onsite: $110 per hour ($120 per houron weekends)
  • Hourly Rates for Offsite (Remote IT Session) $80 per hour
  • Deliver of Training and workshop sessions: I can come to your house and teach you the ins and outs of your computer or laptop, from E-mails to Word Processing to burning your photos.
  •   Ican do it all on our hourly rate or ask me about specialised staff training.
  • Spring Cleaning: $230Flat fee. I’ll come to your house & pick up your computer. Clean it entirely of Dust & Grime, optimize it for performance, remove any viruses and make sure it’s up to date with all the latest software updates.
  • Virus Removal: (See hourly rate) Because all malicious software is different it is impossible to tell how long it would take to remove viruses from your system. By having it under the hourly charge you only pay for the work done, not an expensive fee for 10 mins work!
  • Custom Built PC Labour: $180 So you’ve decided to purchase one of our customer PC’s? To keep the cost down the labour on any PC build is capped at $180. That includes assembly, Windows installation, and all your updates done. We’ll even drop it off and set up it up at your house (Travel charges apply)
  • Automated Back-up Set-up: $250+ Starting at the low cost we’ll pick up your computer, take it back to our workshop and give it a free spring cleaning. Do an entire data backup and set-up automated back-ups for the future. *Price will vary depending on amount of data being backed up.